Natasha Mezheven

Om mig

Well, I guess I could describe myself as a French artist with a Russian name living in Sweden!

After a Certificate in Applied Arts and a Bachelor’s Degree in Fines Arts, I decided in 2017 to move to the North, where I spend part of my childhood. There, I did a Post-Degree Year at the Royal Institute of Arts of Stockholm, and more recently a one year’s intensive study in contemporary dance.

Now, I mostly work with illustration, graphic design and storytelling, but my long experience as an art student from a wide variety of backgrounds give me an open-mindedness as well as many other skills, such as video, editing, choreography, performance, sound design and photography.

When I’m not in my artist’s studio working on my ton of projects, you will find me giving love to my big family of plants, or dreaming about all the books I’m planning to write one day.